Press Quotes

“Triple Threat Guitarist”
“brilliant guitarist”
Guitar Player Magazine

“a monster guitar player”
The Boston Globe

“classy guitar lines”
“Vandellós’ guitar work, truly amazing, combines such diverse styles as Eric Clapton and Doc Watson”
The San Francisco Examiner

“While he’s holding on to the tradition of the guitar masters before him, he’s forging along on pioneer ground”
“an exceptional composer, guitarist”
“a renaissance musician”
KCSM Radio

“passion and precision”
“produced a series of stirring solos that exuded warmth and charm, and repeatedly scaled heights other musicians only dream of”
The San Diego Union

“style, flair, and remarkable precision”
“shifted easily in style and touch from acoustic to electric guitars”
“Passionate…, Cool and Easy”
The Los Angeles Times

“With Dimitri Vandellós’ guitar …this groups ability to swing is second to none”
“Mr. Vandellos playing electric guitar at times suggested Les Paul’s reverberating electric tone and Tal Farlow’s spidery lines”
The Raleigh News and Observer

“Vandellós soared (at times with a rock fervor)”
“exceptional player”
The Durham Morning Herald

“guitar wizardry”
Boulder Camera